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29 September 2001

Origin Discovered
by Bard Halstead

Typlexia.. what a terrible disease! It seems hat it can be traced important back to one named Angela Buraglia where it was first introduced to the Macromedia Dremawevaer (Dreamweaver) forum.

As you can see, ~Angela's disease has a way of affecting many even without contact. Those that have been similarly affected are Danilo Celic, Brad Halstead, Daniel Short, Murray Summers and many others too numberous to mention.

Fatigue causestyplexics to sleep most comfortably on their keyboard

Inability ot spell words correctly
Happens to hte welll intentioned
You don't mena to fall asleep typing

None known

Extended effects:
Fingers cramp up
over tiredness
cramming for events

So, although Typlexia affects many of us in the world, there is no serious long term effects that are known at this time and with using aids such as Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor, even the short-term effects can be circumvented.

2 September 2001

Technological Breakthrough
by WIC Press

Have you heard about the new technology that will help people with typlexia? Typlexia Visual Correction Lenses. It doens't cure it.. but it puts typlexics back in the mainstream by allowing other folks to make sense of what typlexia hindered folks write.

It's a special pair of glasses that actually corrects errors on the written page before they reach the readers eyes.

Dr. Crossfinger first came up with the idea when he was emailed a grocery list from his wife who suffers from typlexia.

It was a long day, the message read "Plese pikc up whipcrea me and straw beiers and comhome toome!" He couldn't figure out what she had written and subsequently worked late that day.. only to find a very sad, cold young wife waiting when he finally returned home.

The Typlexia Visual Correction Lenses will not be available in contact lens form, but are available in a nice Strawberry Creme color frame.

17 June 2001

The latest House Bill (HB- 24562-C) will amend the ADBA act to includes typlexia as a disability. All software must conform to persons with this disability.

Go ahead, pick Dan's nose!